Her ★★★★★

Why oh why?!! Why Spike Jonze did you do this to me?? I cried several times! WHY??!!

You are a genius Spike! Not to mention you and your crew making Joaquin Phoenix wear that big moustache, those high-waisted pants and glasses. Perfectly casting the sexy Scarlett Johansson to voice the operating system. Making Amy Adams look a little bit unattractive with that hair but fails, she's too attractive so you made her just "cute" but nice try haha. Rooney Mara (oh so beautiful) but giving her a couple of excellent scenes. Also, you manage to sneak in Chris Pratt (love this guy) in there for a few minutes. Kristen Wiig has a hilarious voice cameo early on, be on the lookout for that. It was hysterical. Even the beautiful Olivia Wilde got a small but solid role. Excellent performances all-around. Arcade Fire's score is fantastic. Great production design and cinematography.

Thank you Spike Jonze, thank you for giving me a movie to connect and deeply fall in love with. Thank you.

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