Midsommar ★★★★★

Ari Aster’s follow-up to his horror masterpiece “Hereditary” is yet another grand slam for him.

With an amazing performance from one of the most exciting up and comers out there Florence Pugh who pours her soul out with every ounce of her similar to Toni Collette in Hereditary, not only this is her career-best so far (yes, even better than her terrifying breakthrough performance in “Lady Macbeth”) but it’s my favorite movie performance from any actor (yes, slightly more than Lupita Nyong’o in Us) so far this year, at least at the moment. Like Collette, it’s oscar-worthy but then again like Colette, it’s likely inexcusable going to be ignored.

The other actors do their job very well as well especially, Will Poulter who’s in there for comic relief as well as wanting to punch his character once you see him. Like Hereditary, the sound design, cinematography (WOW 😍), practical special effects & the score are all perfectly well-done, realistic, beautiful & very unsettling.

Midsommar is not nearly as scary as Hereditary but it’s still very disturbing & unsettling but also more twisted & crazier. It’s also, weirdly very funny. No disrespect to Chucky & Annabelle who I both admire lol but if you want REAL horror, this is the movie you should be seeing at the movies. However, it’s just as divisive as Hereditary so don’t go in expecting one jump scare after another or you’ll end up hating the thing.

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