The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★★

This is Martin Scorsese on steroids! CRAZY, insane & about as energetic you'll get from a film.

Also, guess what? This Marty's funniest film of his amazing and legendary career.

Based on Jordan Belfort's autobiography, a man who went from struggling to pay his bills to being one of the most wealthy but immoral and corrupt stockbrokers in the country. As he leads an increasingly reckless and dishonest life, Belfort quickly transforms from a law-abiding citizen to an uncaring white-collar criminal.

Scorsese brings him to the screen and collaborate with Leo DiCaprio for the 5th time to play him. One of Scorsese's greatest assests is bringing in a terrific ensemble cast and here is no different. Aforementioned an electric Leonardo DiCaprio, plays Jordan Belfort similiar to his portrayal of Frank Abangale, Jr in Catch Me If You Can except this time with maturity and with so much energy, passion and pushing his always-impeccable acting abilites to a very high-limit resulting into one of his most entertaining and best performances of his career that should (needs) to punch his to another Oscar nomination. Jonah Hill plays the toothy, loud-mouthed Donnie Azoff who's Jordan's best friend and also, the co-founder of his firm. Hill, who's turned himself into a really good versatile actor, uses his gifted comedic-delivery and crazy behavior in this one to a great advantage and just hits another homerun in another Oscar-worthy and hilarious role (possibly his best to date).

Hottie-Australian Margot Robbie does real good work playing Jordan's wife and is a gorgeous actor to look out for, i'm so glad Scorsese introduced us to her, she's one fine woman. The rest of the cast are just in great form from a small & hilarious Matthew McConaughey cameo to Kyle Chandler to Jon Bernthal to Rob Reiner, the list goes on and on. Excellent ensemble cast.

Ah, another amazing Scorsese ingredient is his taste in music and he puts it on full display here. Another old friend of Scorsese's is composer Howard Shore who puts in a solid score. This 3-hour movie is very well-edited, has a witty script and some good cinematography as well. The Wolf of Wall Street while,
it's 3 hours long. It's insanely crazy, wild, hilarious and very entertaining. It's another classic from Martin Scorsese.

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