Truth ★★★½

Ever since I saw her portray Queen Elizabeth in Elizabeth (1998), I saw something in Cate Blanchett and thought to myself, "Man, she's going to be special for years to come". 18 years later, boy has she proved me right. She's been tearing it lately and consistently year after year and making 3 films in 15', 2 of them featuring her giving unsurprisingly, beautiful performances. She's one of the greatest actresses of all-time to me and favorites. Without exaggeration, every single time, she never fails to amaze me.

She proves it once again here and arguably in my mind, better here than in Carol and she was GREAT in that. That's how good she is. It's sometimes hard to pick which role you like her better with the exception of Blue Jasmine (still her best role). This is a solid movie by the way, a good cast and a very interesting story.

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