Cinderella ★★★

My rating certainly comes with a bit of nostalgia but I'm sure there are many out there who will go into this movie with memories such as mine. I remember this film quite fondly from my teenage years as my friends and I stumbled across it on Cinemax one night. We also saw bits and pieces of it but we'd try to catch it every time it was on. I'm not sure if we ever watched the film from start to finish but we'd quite often get into fights about the hottest girl or which one we'd most like to be the Prince with. Seeing the film after all these years certainly brought back a lot of fun memories but the film itself held up rather well.

The simple story-line has the Price having a party thrown for him so that he can pick a bride but it's pretty much just an orgy. Cinderalla (Cheryl Smith) gets cleaned up by her fairy "godmutha" and he also gives her a snapping vagina (a different word is used in the film).

This softcore effort from producer Charles Band is certainly a very memorable film and once you see it you're bound to have scenes stuck in your mind for life. I'm sure seeing it has a teen had an impact on several male viewers but even outside all the nudity there's just something charming about the film. I think the most credit must go to Smith who does a wonderful job with the role of Cinderella. It's not Oscar-worthy but it's fun and she comes off so sweet that you can't help but believe her in the part. The supporting players are all pretty good as well with Yana Nirvana and Marilyn Corwin excellent in the parts of the ugly step sisters and Kirk Scott as a dumb Lord. There are several musical numbers that are decent but nothing great.

What makes the movie are all the softcore moments and this is certainly what attracted us to the film many years ago. I don't think more than five seconds go by without some sort of nudity and for the most part it's quite erotic whenever it's not trying to be funny (like the scene with the two girls bathing while their father is out hunting a certain creature).