Lessons of Darkness ★★★

Strange, surreal yet unique documentary from Werner Herzog shows the disastrous effects of various oil fields in Kuwait and how many have died for the money involved.

This isn't your typical documentary because there's very few interviews and instead of talk Herzog just lets the camera tell the story. For the most part Herzog and his cameraman are inside a helicopter flying around and capturing the distraction from the air. The film, with its strange and haunting music score, plays more like a science fiction or horror movie over a documentary. There are two interviews throughout the film with the most haunting one coming from a woman holding her young son who had his head crushed in by troops. The kid is now too frightened to ever say a word because he say his father murdered for talking. The film runs just under an hour and with the little dialogue you might get bored early and if you do then you might as well turn the film off but if the movie captures you within the first few minutes then you'll find it a rewarding experience.