Playgirl Killer

Playgirl Killer

Bill (William Kerwin) is a good looking man who has no problem meeting women but unfortunately for them, he is actually a bit psycho and loves to murder them.

Kerwin is best remembered for his roles in various Herschell Gordon Lewis pictures but he had a pretty long career, which included over a hundred credits. He also wrote the story here but sadly PLAYGIRL KILLER just doesn't get much done. It seems that the film was trying to be a psychological thriller or some sort of a profile of a serial killer but it just doesn't work.

A lot of the blame can go to director Erick Santamaria because there's never any suspense to be found in the film and the overall flow is rather uneven to say the least. The screenplay also didn't do anyone any favors because there are long stretches where nothing happens outside of people walking around. There are even a couple long music sequences that just don't do anything other than expand the running time.

I've always enjoyed watching Kerwin and I must say that he's the best thing about the film. He doesn't give an Anthony Perkins level performance as this psycho but he's at least good in the part. The supporting ladies are all cute but none of them really stand out. Overall PLAYGIRL KILLER probably should have been directed by Lewis or at least produced by him as I'm sure there would have been at least some gore or nudity or perhaps both.

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