The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

Catching Up on the 2010s #5

My first Yorgos Lanthimos film! When I studied abroad in Greece this man was cherished. I’m sure I’ll get to The Lobster and Killing of the Sacred Deer soon enough, but for now to tackle this beast.

I’m kind of in this state of dread because the whole movie was me trying to dissect and understand the motive of Emma Stone, who Barry Lyndon’s her way from dirt on her face to servant under the Queen, played fantastically by Olivia Colman. I was popping off when she said she likes Abigail’s tongue more to Sarah. SHADE.

Back tracking, is this  thing in Yorgos’ movies to have just a decidedly wide angle portrait? I applaud it. It’s a beautiful canvas of the 18th century kingdom as the camera is so wide its a fish eye, and its narrative choice to use such a wide angle lens gave me this sense of dread. All eyes are watching. A lot of back stabbing. Gossip.

I really don’t know what to make of the final scene. Was it the queen’s Action of superiority? Putting a stop to this deceiving relationship? Something about power, but I’ll think about.

Anywho, great passive aggressive film that made me a tad anxious. Time to go backwards in Lanthimos’ filmography.

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