I'm Thinking of Ending Things ★★½

It's only been a couple days and I'm already liking it less than I already did. Feels like Kaufman's laziest exploration of his favorite pet themes (identity, memory, mortality, lonely and depressed guys in general) with a half-assed The Usual Suspects conceit.

I think part of my issue with Kaufman between this and Synecdoche is they lack the emotional complexity and three-dimensional vitality of his earlier screenplays (which is also in Anomalisa for a bit, though I want to note he wrote it in 2005 pre-Synecdoche). His writing has become far more insular and more bluntly focused on reinforcing the depression he has openly discussed constantly bending towards above all else. Lead characters are interested in nothing more than wallowing in their own misery, and supporting characters only serve to push them in more miserable directions. In this movie's case, all of them just happen to be in the mind of the same person, can't get any more insular than that.

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