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  • Neighboring Sounds

    Neighboring Sounds


    Despite the inevitable march of time, and attempts (even if well-intentioned) to erase or build on top of history in the name of progress, the past continues to resonate in the present, leaving enduring scars like those evident in Kleber Mendonça Filho’s palimpsestuous Recife. Mendonça Filho uses his city (one of Brazil’s largest) as the canvas for this ambitious exploration of space and place, class and race, past and present, as multilayered and complex as Recife and its history. 


  • To Sleep with Anger

    To Sleep with Anger


    I think there’s much more going on here than I’m able to completely parse on this first viewing but I still really liked what I was able to get from it. the intro/title sequence is great wordlessly poetic cinema and the ending is really lovely as well. I admire Charles Burnett’s resistance to exposition—it’s rare to see a movie that leaves so much to mere allusion. of course this is a weakness as much as a strength; to a viewer…

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  • Images



    unsettling? terrifying? the most well-made movie I’ve seen in a long time?

    I’m still not sure, but what a wild ride. every detail of Images is masterfully controlled and completely unnerving. and despite the chilling claustrophobic domestic horror vibes the cinematography is still somehow so beautiful. it seems like this movie has got to be an influence on some of my favorite films and filmmakers: Satoshi Kon (especially Perfect Blue), David Lynch (especially Mulholland Drive but also tonally, and Susannah…

  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    First Reformed is the culmination of Paul Schrader’s efforts as writer and director in both content and form. It’s the most mature expression yet of the themes he’s obsessed with his whole career as a filmmaker—Taxi Driver’s overwhelmed and violent world-weariness, Mishima’s suicidal martyrdom as political statement, Raging Bull’s indirect self-imposed punishment—and also represents his first personal embrace of the Transcendental Style he theorized and wrote about as a scholar. Transcendental Style is all about withholding the cinematic conventions that…