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  • Speaking Parts
  • The Peanut Butter Solution
  • The Oregonian
  • Night of the Demon

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  • Acid Rain

    Acid Rain


    This is a really dope psychedelic short.

    I'd love to know more about how the animation was done - there's definitely some mo-cap, maybe some cel shading or hand-tracing going on. But the animation style really does a lot for the movie. It drifts between the feeling of playing a Playstation 2 game or VR and lucid dreaming.

    It also has some excellent 90's techno!

    I hope I get the chance to see this again, and also definitely want to check out more of the director's work.

  • The Meg

    The Meg


    The shark was real big 
    Some people done got ate up 
    Dog almost got ate

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  • Mandy



    (Evil Dead 2 + LSD + cocaine - Campbell + Cage) ^ (Predator / [Hellraiser % LotR]) * LSD

  • Echo in the Canyon

    Echo in the Canyon


    "If I interview a bunch of famous musicians (who will only talk to me because they respect my dad), then will you listen to me sing?"