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  • Cursed



    So ripped to shreds (heh) that it’s hard to even rate, some things just make no sense. And then there’s the whole gay-subplot that is so out of place. The early 2000’s were a wild time. And yet.. it’s perfect Halloween goodness. Some fun easter eggs, some fun set pieces, and just an overall vibe that fits for an October watch. I really enjoy it more than I should. 

    Also the specific cover photo for this film on LB (Shannon Elizabeth in the car with her phone) is not even in the version of the movie I watch.

  • The Ladykillers

    The Ladykillers


    I dug it. Sue me

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  • Max Keeble's Big Move

    Max Keeble's Big Move

    A damnation on the rise of capitalism in America. Max represents every blue collar worker who, in spite of the tough hand they’ve been dealt, still try to make the best of their situation. 

    This movie is in its own way a sort of O Brother-esque film in that the characters and journeys we go on are reminiscent of Homer’s The Odyssey. Each remind you of the highs and lows of America and how they affect not just the adults…

  • Spider-Man



    Never forget: when J. Jonah was about to get his ass beat by Goblin, he did NOT give up Peter. What a fucking icon