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  • Arrival
  • Carol
  • Fallen Angels
  • Cold War

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  • Enola Holmes 2

  • Do Revenge

  • Fantastic Planet

  • Jurassic World Dominion

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  • 200 Meters

    200 Meters

    watched at shanghai international film festival

  • Wadaiko Girls

    Wadaiko Girls

    watched at shanghai international film festival

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  • Mulan


    atrocious. fuck niki caro, the WHITE screenwriters, and disney for bastardizing not only the original movie but the myth to create such utter fucking trash.

    the original movie has meant so much to me since i was basically born, so i’ve been keeping up with this since it was announced. it’s been an absolute trainwreck, from how disney was unwilling to purchase the rights to the original characters to the all white crew.

    story is straight up boring and the…