Black Panther ★★½

Michael B. Jordan absolutely kills it in this role, but for me, Chadwick Boseman actually kills the movie as a whole. The character of Black Panther just has no charm or personality, especially when in the same film as Jordan, or Letitia Wright, or Dania Gurira, or almost anybody else in this great cast, and that's a large obstacle to overcome. The film suffers from the inverse problem of most superhero movies, in that the villain holds our interest, and the hero does not. Yes, the world-building is great, the museum scene is dripping with charisma, and the casino scene is seriously fun. But when the lead character doesn't captivate like he should, and then you throw in the lackluster CGI of the battle scene or the snooze-fest of a final stand-off between Black Panther and Kilmonger, it's hard for me to feel positively about what I saw. So, I split the baby. There are some really great moments and standout performances here, and then there are some head-scratchers and snoozers, too.

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