Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

With his adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (one of my absolute favorite films) and now with his adaptation of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, David Fincher has proven himself to be quite adept at helming films from books that bite. 
This is my third or fourth viewing of this excellent and nasty thriller. Each time I watch it, I see new moments in the performances or understand the meaning of a line of text that I didn't catch before. It's a mystery that always benefits from another viewing to peel back each layer of deception en route to the truth. Although asking for the truth in a film like Gone Girl is fool-hardy. The games and secrets and lies that the film deals in are much more tantalizing. 
Rosamund Pike's performance is a true performance: we never know the real essence of Amy Dunne. From the minute we meet her, she is manufactured. Enigmatic. Unknowable. Pike's work to never humanize Amy or make her a likeable victim is astonishing. 
Ben Affleck is decent as Nick Dunne and he does a good job juggling the conflicted and duplicitous state of his character in his quest to find his wife. 
Gillian Flynn's adaptation of her novel is excellent in keeping the storyline trim and focused, the design is quintessential Midwestern suburbia, Reznor/Ross's score is heart pounding and Fincher assembles a terrific supporting cast to bring an skewering examination of marriage and the 24 hour news cycle to life.

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