Folk Hero & Funny Guy ★★★★

Charming, bittersweet indie dramedy about a pair of friends on the road together touring, one a popular musician, the other a struggling stand-up comedian. A girl gets in the way, the friendship is strained by the comedian's envy of the musician, human nature is observed with generous portions of insight, empathy, humor, and cautious optimism, a soundtrack stacked with melodic folk tunes elevates everything (special mention to The Sun Parade, whose "Need You by My Side" has been dominant in my music rotation for the past three months thanks to this movie), and terrific star turns are had by Alex Karpovsky (Ray!), Wyatt Russell (maybe it's just me but this guy is a credit to everything he appears in), and Meredith Hagner. Long may these three score winning roles in satisfying pictures like this.