Housebound ★★

HOOP-TOBER 2015, part 11: 5 different countries (New Zealand)

Setting aside a very small amount of quirky Kiwi humor and the fundamental competence with which this movie was made, I don't see what people like about it. As a horror comedy, it's not funny or scary, and hardly tries for either. The main character Kylie (Morgana O'Reilly) is exceedingly abrasive, and that being the point (making her tougher, harder to scare, a diversion from typical horror movie ingénues) doesn't make it any easier to endure for a whole movie. The thing that's actually haunting their house seems a little novel at first, but doesn't end up doing anything interesting. The reveal of the villain felt routine; it could've been pretty much anyone else in the cast just as convincingly. Aside from our protagonist being so hostile, there's just no edge to this movie. I'd say it's most successful as a mystery, I guess, watching as Kylie slowly pieces it together, but it's not like we get a witty, ingenious script out of it, so again, what's the big deal

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