Parasite ★★★★½

A Hitchcockian wonderland of devilish thrills, coiling suspense, mischievous humor, sharp story turns, a vibrant pack of distinctively hued characters, basically only two main settings whose designs and features are dazzlingly utilized, uncommonly casual family bonds (when deception is a primary story device, you don't usually see people be so endearingly, tightly knit, making that element yet another splendid dodge of convention here), nuanced morality (no one here is altogether good or bad, despite the complex webbing of alternating tugs at our sympathy and scorn for just about every single person), and a powerfully sobering climax that's punctuated by a final *thing* (vague to avoid spoilers) which reverberates against the film's heavy commentary on social class disparity and bittersweet have-nots human struggle as memorably as J-Lo's great closing line in "Hustlers" did.

Far more accessible, fluid, open, and directly moving than the usual big winners at Cannes (although to be fair there are some lately I haven't seen that I'm only guessing are difficult). I was expecting more of a challenge, and relieved not to have one, just a straight terrifically conceived and crowd-pleasingly playful heist film of a sort, with a stinging chaser.

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