The Overnight

The Overnight ★★★½

Maybe if I hadn't seen this a day after "The D Train" I wouldn't consider the similarity, but actually they're both dramedies that seem like straight-out comedies at first but take a sober, slow-burn, kinda thoughtful approach to what could easily have taken a turn for raunchy sex farce, and revolve around a centerpiece male sexual "taboo" of sorts.

"The Overnight" doesn't delve much deeper into the psychology of the scenario than "The D Train", but both (especially this one) make an effort to examine a hugely awkward sexual encounter with more deadpan, low-key curiosity than festive indulgence. "The D Train" dealt more with how Jack Black was affected afterwards, whereas "The Overnight" takes a much more leisurely, "Before Sunrise"-style route, taking place all in one night. The leads are precisely chosen (and personally I always look forward to another Adam Scott performance), the direction is subdued enough to focus on the conversations (to that end, this might've made even more sense as a play than a movie), and there are at least a couple big laughs even if most of it just elicits smiles.

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