And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death Held Illimitable Dominion Over All: So Let's Lighten the Mood with Some Hooptober VII

Yes, all the terrifying, disturbing, gross, wicked, misanthropic, ghoulish mayhem of a horror movie marathon counts more as welcome escapism than ever this year, for obvious reasons. However my cursed selection of film titles stacks up this year, I'm happy just to be participating in this again with all the other enthusiastic fans here on Letterboxd. Good to have at least one special tradition in 2020 that can't be delayed, postponed, restricted, pared down, or ruined forever by what's going on out there. To Halloween, to Cinemonster, to the night!

The boss list.

6 Countries
- The Oblong Box (1969) (England)
- Dark Waters (1993) (Italy)
- The Uncanny (1977) (Canada)
- School in the Crosshairs (1981) (Japan)
- Angst