Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future ★★★★

In addition to everything else that's great about David Cronenberg's triumphant return to the body-horror genre, CRIMES OF THE FUTURE features one of Kristen's Stewart's very best performances. It's so refreshing to see this fine actress in a film that 1) allows her to be funny and 2) deliberately downplays her physical attractiveness (I heard someone describe her as a "sweaty weasel" in this and that's not inaccurate).

Stewart's character, Timlin, is a neurotic bureaucrat who wants to be a performance artist. The best scene is one where she attempts to seduce Viggo Mortenson's character in an office. Not because she has any real interest in him; she just wants to be a part of his avant-garde medical-theater show. The way she gradually advances towards him, and the corresponding way he steadily retreats from her, perfectly captured in a tense long take in which the camera slowly pans from left to right, is visual comedy of the highest order.

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