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  • Happy End

    Happy End


    When I was sitting in my favourite café after Happy End, waiting for the next train, I realised something very important: Haneke loves to act out scenes for his actors. He also films everything. This means that somewhere out there there could be footage of two time Palme d'or winner Michael Haneke dancing to Chandelier. If you or someone you know ever comes into possession of this video please leak it. This has been a PSA.

    You should take this…

  • The Hills Have Eyes

    The Hills Have Eyes


    Hooptober IV – Movie #12

    Even though I'm a fan of Craven's movies The Hills Have Eyes has always been on my list of movies I don't really need to see. I know that most mid 2000s horror remakes are absolutely terrible and I shouldn't judge the original by them but after being forced to sit through both new The Hills Have Eyes movies at school I've had enough of the franchise for a while. Turns out the original wasn't…

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  • Suicide Squad

    Suicide Squad

    Isabelle Huppert did not come all the way from France to see Suicide Squad win an Oscar.

  • mother!



    At first I thought about writing BULLSHIT a hundred times but then I realised that I'm way too angry to not talk about Mother!.

    In hindsight that damn exclamation mark and the way it appeared on screen should have been a warning sign. The way the title - and with it the exclamation mark is sitting there between two of the worst moments of the movie bothers me even more now than I did while watching it. Throughout the movie…