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  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    The Killing of a Sacred Deer


    The Killing of a Sacred Deer opens with Schubert’s Jesus Christus schwebt am Kreuze and a close up of a beating heart. It is an intense first shot that sets the tone for the entire movie.

    As always with Lanthimos his world seems normal at first but it soon becomes apparent that something is off. In this case it’s not as drastic as in his previous movies but it’s enough to create unease long before the movie starts spiralling out…

  • Leaves from Satan's Book

    Leaves from Satan's Book


    For somebody whose favourite class at uni was about Scandinavian silent movies and who briefly considered writing her thesis on that topic I haven't seen a lot of Scandinavian movies from the 20s. I've seen my fair share of earlier films but otherwise my knowledge is pretty much limited to Dreyer and Christensen and considering I choose to watch yet another Dreyer movie this isn't going to change soon. To be fair I might have chosen a different film if…

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  • Suicide Squad

    Suicide Squad

    Isabelle Huppert did not come all the way from France to see Suicide Squad win an Oscar.

  • mother!



    At first I thought about writing BULLSHIT a hundred times but then I realised that I'm way too angry to not talk about Mother!.

    In hindsight that damn exclamation mark and the way it appeared on screen should have been a warning sign. The way the title - and with it the exclamation mark is sitting there between two of the worst moments of the movie bothers me even more now than I did while watching it. Throughout the movie…