Fish & Cat

Fish & Cat ★★★★

Fish & Cat exceeded all my expectations. When watching a single-take movie, you'd expect a linear timeline, but instead the camera follows different people throughout the movie and returns to previous scenes to show them from the point of view from several characters.

The story begins with two cooks and continues with a group of students who meet for a kite festival near their restaurant. For the first hour the movie focuses on the students and their stories and makes you forget about the chefs, until they suddenly return again. From this moment on Fish & Cat becomes more and more complex and unreliable and forces you to think about everything you've seen to try to figure out what's relevant to the story and what's gonna happen next.

The biggest achievement of Fish & Cat is that even though it's revealed in an insert at the beginning what's going to happen and there are several hints throughout the movie, it's never obvious until the very last scene. This mystery is what makes the movie so special, but due to the extraordinary cinematography and the way how the story is told, it'll still hold up on a second viewing.