Neruda ★★★½

Buying a ticket for a movie without knowing what I'm about to watch is something I usually never do and I was expecting the worst. I was relieved when I saw the title although I was a bit worried because I hate watching biopics unprepared. I knew that Neruda existed, I know that he won a Nobel Prize but that's it. While I was watching Neruda I felt more and more disappointed. There was something about the movie that didn't seem right and it just didn't work for me. The occasional location changes in the middle of dialogues clearly didn't help to make me like the movie more. Still, there was something poetic about it that kept me off dismissing it completely. And then the last act happened. Everything suddenly made sense and I started to see the entire movie in a different light. I can't wait to watch it again because I have the feeling that there's so much I missed because I didn't think that the ending was a possibility.

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