Raw ★★★½

How do I unsee this?

At first I didn't want to write a review but I have a lot of feelings about Raw and I came to the conclusion that I'll probably never watch this movie again, so better now than never.

I've been looking forward to Raw since its premiere and all the reviews calling it the grossest movie of the year only made me more curious because usually movies rarely gross me out and I thought it couldn't be that bad. I was wrong. Even now I still feel sick thinking about the scene (If you've seen the movie you know which one I'm talking about.) It's not so much the cannibalism that bothered me as everything that happened before it. At least the cannibalism was in some way funny. Or maybe I just have a strange kind of humour.

Just when I thought Raw was finally over and I could calm down a bit the last scene happened. I almost suspected what Justine's father wanted to tell her but when he opened his shirt I wasn't prepared. This movie is so fucked up.

No matter how grossed out I was I have to admit that based on the disgusting parts the movie deserves 5 stars. Unfortunately I didn't care much about anything else and there aren't many things I hate more in movies than university rituals, which is why I was mildly annoyed for the first 30 minutes and started to wonder why everyone loved Raw so much.

The leads are fantastic and I love Ella Rumpf even when she's gross and eats other people, but I hope she's gonna be in more movies soon because I can't rewatch the one movie I like that doesn't gross me out (Tiger Girl) all the time.

"Fuck 69, give me 666"

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