The Moth Diaries ★★

Hooptober IV – Movie #6

Usually you'd think that all doors are open to the director of one of the movies of the early 2000s but after her big break with her second feature American Psycho Mary Harron hardly got any high profile jobs. In fact her most notable work since then might be the mini-series Alias Grace – based on Margaret Atwood's novel of the same name – which is set to premiere on Netflix later this year.

The Moth Diaries is one of the few movies Harron has directed in the 17 years since American Psycho and what can I say, it's a disappointment. It's a boarding school vampire drama and throughout the entire movie I was wondering who this movie was aimed at since it seemed to include too much blood and nudity to pass as a teen movie but at the same time I already felt too old for it. After finishing the movie I googled the book it is based on and as it turns out it's a young adult book. The more you know.

Ernessa, a new student, arrives at the boarding school and quickly befriends Rebecca's best friend, which leads to a lot of jealousy and drama. It didn't take long until I got annoyed. Basically from the moment Rebecca and the new girl meet Rebecca suspects that there's something wrong with her and gets more and more obsessed with finding out her secret and proving that she's a vampire. I guess we're supposed to sympathise with her but if she had spent half of the time she spent stalking Ernessa talking to her friends she wouldn't have to complain about not having any friends. Of course her best friend doesn't want to spend time with her if all she talks about is how her new friend is actually a vampire.

What even is the point of proving that she's not human, if anything her constant stalking only made the situation worse. Why can't she just let her live? The strangest thing about this is that even though the movie's main character is so obsessed with finding out the truth the movie never reveals what she really is. She can walk though windows and make it rain blood but is that really typical vampire behaviour?

And then there's the thing with the teacher. There have been weird vibes from the beginning but I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be predatory or romantic. Turns out it was the latter even though it was impossible to ignore how much of a creep he was.