Worst Case Scenario ★★★

Comedies in film festivals are rare sightings. German comedies are rarer still. Quirky Germany Comedies are the unicorns of the film festival world, making WORST CASE SCENARIO a true oddity.

Georg (Samuel Finzi) is a director who spends too much time concerned with Fellini and Antonioni and not enough time with the gold right in front of him. Part of that gold is his ex-girlfriend, now his baby mama, Olga (Eva Löbau). Olga is trying to bring Georg's vision to light, but a complete and total lack of money, talent and commitment derails any hope they have.

WORST CASE SCENARIO is a story about a movie crew and every possible problem they could encounter trying to get their film off the ground, but really, it is about the vast majority of people who say they want to make a movie more than they really want to. Talk is cheap when desire counts for so much more.