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  • Berberian Sound Studio

    Berberian Sound Studio


    I don't know why I've postponed this until today , But Peter Strickland went right away to the list of my favorite directors .

    I've always been fascinated with sound design and its ability to engage the viewers through its precision and the creativity through which it was made , Strickland makes SOUNDS the main theme for his film , utilizing it for creating an eerily atmospheric one ,
    The most impressive thing is that I thought , that film…

  • The New Pope

    The New Pope


    How can something be
    so cynical yet genial and warm ,
    so emotional yet absurd and ludicrous ,
    so weird yet relatable ,
    so sacrilegious yet divine and reverent ,
    Only Sorrentino knows as he outdoes himself ,
    The dialogue is so smart , nearly every sentence is quotable ..
    & The cinematography is jaw dropping , nearly every scene is a painting ..
    & The music , DAMN , he uses it in a way that manipulates feelings , nearly every…

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  • Twin Peaks: The Return

    Twin Peaks: The Return


    Excuse me for the comparison I'm going to make but I find it the closest one to what happened in The Return,

    What David Lynch did in The Return is like someone who hasn't ejaculated for years and then he had the chance to ejaculate it all at once inside the minds of the viewers in a literal mind-fuck and it is like a volcano erupting with lava of surrealism, beauty, magical realism, and genius that travel like sperms through…

  • The Young Pope

    The Young Pope


    I remember watching it back in 2017 because It was from Sorrentino to see his take on Vatican and the Papacy , only to find out that he created
    The coolest , smartest , most beautiful , absurdly blasphemous yet spiritually nourishing drama , Jude Law's charisma is unprecedented , he dominates the screen with his presence , everyone nailed it actually ,

    Words fail me but this is highly recommended you just have to open your mind if you're christian like I did and not get easily offended,
    then you're in for a surprise.