Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

history reconstructed through your media. this is fantasy embraced by fantasy. that’s california dreamin. easily the most mature movie that QT has done. if death proof is unintentionally his most revealing move then this is him constructing what he thinks is his self reflexive magnum opus. i need to see it again to place everything in perspective with the ending. currently though, the armond white piece has been the most insightful writing on it. once upon a time in hollywood is ostensibly a piece of conservative media. tarantino has always clung to the past, only aping those filmmakers who push for progressive techniques. no where is that more true than in a movie that prizes american mass culture and demands it be protected at all costs. of course this can’t be achieved without the most monolithic form of entertainnment in pop culture, the movie. the only reason the bloody victory is achieved at the end is because of a pairing of a mysterious war hero/stuntman and a dusty movie prop. then there is of course the strangeness of revising such a gruesome piece of history, yet still removing sharon tate from having any sort of agency. its not that margot robbie doesn’t give a good performance or that she’s not a character, more that she has no purpose within this new framework except as a diversion. this is just a loose collection of thoughts, can’t wait to see it again. brad pitt gives his most effortless performance in years, and i could literally just watch him do shit for hours.

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