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  • The X from Outer Space

    The X from Outer Space


    Dumb Godzilla ripoff with an equally dumb love triangle that resolves as poorly as the monster threat itself.

    On the other hand, it's got a fantastic score of groovy '60s music and I kind of love the spaceship and moonbase models and sets.

  • Night Fright

    Night Fright


    Below average example of the teen-focused monster movies of the time. My print is crappy, so I couldn't even really see the creature. I'll have to take the DVD cover's word for it that it looked that cool.

    Not that the movie cares that much about the monster. It's got the dumbest of origins and the movie is much more interested in teenagers, extended sequences (SO extended) of their dancing, and the drama of who's going to go hang out at the lake. When anyone does think about the monster, it's one bad decision after another.

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  • Manhattan Night

    Manhattan Night


    '40s noir by way of '90s sex thriller. Unfortunately, I only like one of those genres. The mystery is good though and it resolves well with some nice surprises.

  • The Prestige

    The Prestige


    Long past the point where the twists surprise me, I love the themes of mystery and devotion to craft. Especially how those themes intersect and become devotion to maintaining mystery about how one PERFORMS one's craft. We live in a largely transparent world and that's mostly a good thing, but some secrets are worth keeping to preserve the magic.