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  • The Sinful Bed


  • Truck Stop Women


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  • The Sinful Bed

    The Sinful Bed


    This is my first 1970s-era West German softcore comedy (aka "Lederhosenfilm"), and THE SINFUL BED was a fascinating introduction. If this hyper specific genre consistently boasts such creativity, I'm eager to explore more.

    THE SINFUL BED shares a conceptual similarity with François Girard's THE RED VIOLIN, where an inanimate object, in this case, a bed frame, serves as the central character. The film unfolds as a compilation of vignettes, each featuring different couples who have shared intimate moments on this…

  • Truck Stop Women

    Truck Stop Women


    Mark L. Lester, akin to filmmakers like James Cameron and Jonathan Demme, honed his directorial skills in the realm of low-budget exploitation cinema before ascending to helm higher-budget studio films like COMMANDO and ARMED AND DANGEROUS (a film my grandmother perplexingly owned on VHS and I watched many times). But Mark's early work provides a fascinating glimpse into his developmental journey as a filmmaker.

    TRUCK STOP WOMEN is his second film. It's a story about a group of sex workers…

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  • The Voyeurs

    The Voyeurs

    I sincerely hope you all have fun watching our movie. If anyone's curious, here are some of the films I studied while I was writing: letterboxd.com/michaelmohan/list/the-voyeurs-research/

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    November 12, 2021 will go down as one of the worst days of my life. (In short: fuck alzheimer's).

    My wife suggested that perhaps we shouldn't go to the movies; that I might not be in the correct headspace to enjoy watching the latest film by one of my favorite directors.

    But the trailer made it seem pretty light and pleasant, and I hoped that for two hours it would help me take my mind off of things.

    It did.…