Captain Marvel ★★★

Falling definitely in the middling range of the MCU, Captain Marvel is a flawed film that still had a good deal of entertainment value for me. I enjoyed the hell out of Ben Mendelssohn, Talos (a slightly refreshing change of pace for the MCU), Sam Jackson kills it as a younger, slightly greener Nick Fury, and there are some solid and interesting ideas at play here. The idea of the Kree/Skrull war is great, showing us a fractured heroine trying to find out who she really is is a great idea too. The problem lies in the execution, and in my opinion, the script overall. 

The third act of this film is a whimper too. That’s partially because of a lack of investment, but also because the climactic battles feel so thoughtless and weightless. 

I don’t think this film is terrible by any stretch. But I found Carol Danvers to be the least interesting character in the entire film, and it’s HER film. Larson is serviceable, but honestly it doesn’t feel like she was given the best to do here. The better material seemed to go to Talos or even Fury. That’s truly bizzarre to me, and firmly puts this as the worst origin story in the MCU. 

There’s the bones of an interesting film here, but it’s not fully realized enough to have truly taken me to the heights it wanted to.

Captain Marvel gets a 65/100

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