Rambo ★★★★

Gritty, violent as hell, and a solid end to the franchise. It’s not perfect, it’s pretty thin in the plot department and it’s pretty unsubtle, but the character of John Rambo is still endlessly watchable, even in his older age. 

The violence in the film has always been a point of discussion, positively or negatively. I think the way they portray violence in Rambo 4 is pretty important when you take into consideration the conflict that Stallone was bringing attention to. The action in this film doesn’t play like an extravaganza or like 80s style fun. It’s brutal, graphic, and pulls no punches. There are scenes in this film that make me squirm, and they should. The action scenes are technically well structured, there’s no doubt about that. 

Rambo gets an 81/100