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Michael Sy A Foek

This is where I keep track of what I watch including some thoughts and ideas on these films.

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  • Bait



    The technical aspects were admirable and it certainly is original, but this wasn't for me. I found it a slog to get through.

  • Bottle Rocket

    Bottle Rocket


    Movie had its cute moments, but overall it didn't quite work for me. Still interesting to have seen this early Anderson film.

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  • Ghostbusters



    Re-watch. Oh man, this is such a classic. Still so highly entertaining and funny after all these years. Rick Moranis never fails to crack me up. As far as horror comedies go or even general comedies for that matter this is still one of the very best.

  • Return of the Jedi

    Return of the Jedi


    Re-watch. Out of all the three films that make up the original trilogy, this one is the most uneven, but it also features some of my favorite scenes of the whole series. A tricky film, some parts work extremely well, others not so much. I love the opening and how it ties directly into the ending of Empire. The Jabba the Hutt scenes are amazing and so different from the rest of the series (I do hope we get to…