The Babadook ★★★½

This Australian horror film could've been a classic if not for its somewhat bungled last 20 minutes. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. The film is about a struggling single parent and her hyper-active son. One day the son finds a children's book called the Babadook, which tells the tale of the babadook, who snatches kids. Best part of the film were the performances by the mom and son. They excellently portrayed the struggle and difficulty of raising a child and balancing work and life. The film builds up the tension towards the babadook also really well, and there are some genuinely scary moments in the film. The ending did not sit that well with me. I feel they left the ending ambiguous for a potential sequel while they didn't have to do that. And the ultimate reveal of the babadook was very disappointing as well. I would still highly recommend this film on the two main performances alone and some excellent tense and exciting moments.