Parasite ★★★★½

i'm at a lost for words

when i was watching this film, for the majority of the first half, i thought it was alright, but i couldn't understand why the film had received such critical acclaim. and then something just happened that left me almost overwhelmed. the second half of this film is very powerful, however, none of this would have been possible without the first half. the result of this being that bong joon-ho crafts a film that forces you to look inside yourself and question whether you are a good person

there is no surprise when people call this a masterpiece as there is little to fault with it. the score full of string instruments really plays with your emotions, cinematography perfectly captures the fake aesthetic of the rich lifestyle and then contrasts this with the jungles of buildings within lower-class estates. the cinematography in hand with the editing is extremely versatile, never afraid to go from a slow-burn feel, with static shots, to quick cuts and shaky camera. and the cast never allow you to question whether or not you are watching actors or real people on screen

you really have to applaud bong joon-ho for what he's done here. his whole filmography has clearly led up to this point, and what an important film to make oscar history...

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