Parasite ★★★★★

Watched the black and white screening this time around. Gave me a great reason to see this on the big screen again.

A lot of people were unsure or confused as to why this got a black and white release, saying it was "unnecessary", but honestly it's so well done and makes the film that much more hypnotic. Standouts were the shots of the house, the rain and the out of focus background frames.

Absolutely gorgeous. I was mesmerised by the heavy rain and flooding streets. Read that they took their time with it and did it frame by frame, it shows and pays off well. I won't necessarily say that people need to see it in this format or that they'll miss out on anything essential to take away from the film. I do agree with Bong Joon-ho that it does make it feel like a classic movie. Honestly it's just a fun experience, and I couldn't tell you what my personal viewing choice would be if I had to choose between the two. Both are works of art and I hope we get a bluray release with both.