Burning ★★★★

I heard you burn greenhouses” 

South Korea is rapidly becoming one of my all time favorite countries for cinema. When I want to be taken on a journey of the mind, when I want my expectations completely subverted, and when I want a film to stay with me long after the credits have rolled, I know I can turn to the New South Korean Wave.

I mean. FUCK YO. I'm not even sure how to talk about this movie. I'll be totally up front and honest, and admit that I totally didn't get everything there is to get about this, not from my first viewing at least. There are just so many ideas and questions and themes being tossed around.

There is a story happening on the surface - a fairly simple story too: Boy meets girl. Girl goes away and comes back with new boy. Old boy gets jealous. But what the film manages to talk about with this simple set up, and how it goes about exploring its themes and metaphors, well, it just left me completely dumbfounded and speechless. I've never been so pleasantly helpless and had so many questions. And I loved it. I loved just sitting there as the credits rolled, letting my mind wander.

So, I'm not going to try and wax poetry and try and come off smarter than I really am. I'm going to let this film sit with me for a while, and then watch it again within the next few weeks, most likely SUPER HIGH this tine lmao! I don't think I'll stop thinking about it until then - and isn't that the mark of a truly great film?

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