Chungking Express

Chungking Express ★★★★★

After this movie I have two new things. I have a new favorite comfort movie and I have a new crush, Takeshi Kaneshiro

I can’t even really put my finger on why I like this movie so much, but it completely sucked me in. It’s just all vibes. And mood. And characters. And neon. And music. It’s a feeling and an aesthetic, not just a “movie”. Rather than trying to tell you what heartbreak feels like, it makes you feel it. It shows you and burrows itself way down deep into your soul, creating an hour or two of moody blues and smoky cafe nights.

Doyle’s cinematography, like all his collaborations with Wong, is a huge part in that aesthetic. The fast motion against slow motion. The jerky camera. The Dutch angles. The new Criterion transfer is gorgeous, and the improved color grading makes the film feel more warm and mellow. 

I honestly think this might be my favorite Wong Kar-wai film. I see myself returning to this so many times, just to live in this world.

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