Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★★



I don’t really know how to talk about this movie, I’m gonna be real with ya’ll. Because, this movie just really hit home with me, and at time really made me afraid and anxious. I had to stop it at times and just take some deep breaths. 

See, I’m a musician. I play piano and I sing. And I think about this all the time: what would happen if I wasn’t able to play or sing anymore? How would I be able to express myself if something like what happened to Ruben happened to me? Or if something happened to my hands? 

I mean, when I lose my voice for a few days, whether it’s because of yelling or a cold, I’m miserable. I sing every day. And when I can’t do that, when I can’t release the emotions inside of me, I don’t feel right. Music is something that lives inside of me. 

So that’s why this film really had a profound effect on me. And it’s a gorgeous film as well. So intimately shot. The sound design was just insane, one of the best parts of the movie. You really felt and heard what this character was going through. That’s because of the sound design, but my god, that’s also because of Riz Ahmed. 

If Riz doesn’t get AT LEAST nominated for Best Actor across the boards, I’ll sue. He’s my pick to win, honestly. He is so powerful here, and his emotions are so truthful and realized. Olivia Cooke too, dear lord. So amazing. 

This movie will stay with me as a feeling for many days and weeks. I might not remember the individual scenes as time goes on, but I’ll remember the feeling I had while watching this. The absolute mesmerization of what was happening. The self reflection this prompted while the credits rolled. That last shot. Wow. I was deeply moved by this, and the final message of finding the will to move on and to realize that just living and being present in life can be the meaning of it all.

“The world does keep moving. And it can be a damn cruel place. But for me, those moments of stillness, that place... that’s the Kingdom of God. And that place will never abandon you.”

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