Rock ½

i was looking through my phone downloads for something i had downloaded a while ago, and i stumbled upon the most glorious sight. A copy of Rock. Completely forgot I downloaded the film from it's first release, as well as it's original trailer and some of the scenes from his original film that he completely scrapped, because i honestly had a feeling that he would delete this, if it got even one ioda of negative reception(which obviously it did, because this might be the worst film ive seen) Anyways, time for the Rock bootleg blu rays

I vividly remember a conversation I had with Chris, as he and I used to be quite close, we would stay up on instagram calls playing fornite of all things lmao, about two years ago. This conversation was at the tail end of our friendship, and right before his eighteenth birthday. Keep in mind, I was about fourteen when this happened, makes it all the more fucked up. He messaged me completely out of the blue asking if I could talk. What followed was him asking me if I knew how he could purchase a gun. He, a near eighteen year old adult, was asking this fourteen year old child where he could buy a gun, so he could "blow his fucking brains out if this film fails" not only was that fucked up to ask a kid, it almost felt as if he was finding a way to force me into liking his film. Anyways, I cut him off a bit after that, because I looked back and saw the patterns. The time when he threatened to leak a fourteen year olds nudes on a group chat unless she would refer to herself as a whore. The time he created a whole fake persona just to send porn to this same groupchat, and say he wanted to(and this is a lot, so skip past this if needed)dig up someones dead mother, and fuck her on her grave until she decomposed. And lastly but of course not least, how he used underage nudity in his unfinished film "Wellspring Slasher" and was almost sued by the parents of the kids. Fuck it, those aren't even patterns, bright mf red flags that I and many others neglected to notice for the longest time.

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