Nanook of the North

Nanook of the North ★★★★

Flaherty revolutionized documentary film, even if he did not know it at the time. And nothing more ironic than the birth of this type of cinema - I do not call it genre because that would be limiting it - be through rehearsed representations. There are many debates and criticisms to that, but I prefer to follow professor Fernão Pessoa Ramos' (UNICAMP-SP-Brazil) line of thought, which he states that there is a magic in the fact that the director spent a year in the Canadian Arctic, and knew the right moment to transfer his experience to the screen, where Nanook is romanticized and built as a hero. It's a universal movie because it shows a lifestyle so different from what most of the world that lives in big cities is accustomed to. In the end, we are all human beings. We are all Nanook.

PS: What the hell was Nanook killing a fish with his mouth?

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