Good Time

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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

This movie was sitting at a 3.5ish for me until that very last scene with Nick. It was like an emotional balm to the stress you feel the entire movie.

Like Uncut Gems, this movie is a rollercoaster where you think have some semblance of relief to a conflict and then the rug is suddenly pulled out under you to reveal an even greater conflict lying on the hard wood floor beneath it

One of my favorite parts was seeing Connie’s ability to talk to and manipulate every archetype of person he comes into contact with. Also, a very clear depiction of the power white men have in gaining undeserved trust and stomping over the lives of those around them to get what they want - even the most innocent of people, like a 16 year old girl not involved in his life in any way. It also reveals how willing we become to not investigate truth when we are overworked and are running on thin patience - something Connie knew and used as a tool of manipulation. He clearly viewed exhaustion as weakness - any moment to rest, he would not take. 

Also, that aerial chase scene!