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  • Stuck in Love

    Stuck in Love


    i'm not sure how i feel about this movie... i think highschool me would've enjoyed it a lot more, whereas present-day me feels a little.. bitter? i see very clearly through this movie that i'm like the Other. i've never experienced that kind of wild party teenager life - and i was very ok with that in high school - but the way this movie portrays Nat Wolfe and Logan Lerman's character... i don't know, like they are the less…

  • Parasite



    What did we do to deserve such a masterpiece this year? It's humorous, it's accurate, it's cultural, it's thought-provoking, and all of that combined makes it so chilling. The close up shots, the moving camera motion, the pace, the music, ahhhh I'm in such a trance right now after just finishing the movie. So many moments had my heart clenched and my hands shaking. Definitely a re-watch.

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  • Carrie Pilby

    Carrie Pilby


    how relatable this movie is as i watch it in my early 20s; from feeling lost, lonely, and abandoned, to begin to feel loved, accepted, and grown up

  • Amanda Knox

    Amanda Knox


    there are just so many people's ego + pride mixed into this trial and it's disgusting that neither the media nor the police stood up to take any responsibilities even at the end of all of this ugh