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  • Sneakers



    A fun part-heist and part-hacking film. I hope they paid the computer or technology consultant and writers big money because that aspect held up a lot better than other hacking films (i.e. Mission Impossible). Some parts were very outrageous either for comedic purposes or to illustrate the ingenuity and intelligence of the crew. As many films of the time, it failed the Bechdel Test. And what a lame title, because they sneak around...?

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  • Lightyear



    A good film if you want to introduce your children to sci-fi and space operas as the animation is stunning and there are no traumatizing scenes. However, it is one of the least original Pixar films. Also, the chemistry between the characters was off. They alluded to their past, but you never saw it. Why was Buzz trying so hard to return home? How or why did the characters find themselves volunteering for surveillance? Then there were the plot holes…

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  • Charade



    "You couldn't be honest about being dishonest"
    A fun thriller, mystery, rom-com romp. Audrey Hepburn delivers great quips and fashion. I am understanding more of why is she is so revered. There were some really great moments and images that Hitchcock would have been jealous about. The film isn't perfect as who approves of a 20+ year age gap between a graying Cary Grant and a jubilant Hepburn, and the writing or plot could have been tighter.

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  • Mission: Impossible

    Mission: Impossible


    A film where top-secret information is obtained onto floppy disks. The reliance of state of the art desktop computers, crude e-mail, and their version of "hacking" makes this film not quite hold up.
    Ethan Hunt is a very boring action star and spy. He is no James Bond, Jason, Bourne, Jack Reacher, etc. I'm assuming they up his character arc later, or does everyone only watch the super clean stunts?
    But that intro music still slaps.
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