Thor ★★★½

I'm always pretty surprised by how casual this movie is. There is a lot of just hanging out. A surprising take on a Thor movie, especially coming after the explosive fantasy of the film's (great) first half hour.

This is undeniably one of the weaker Marvel Studios movies, Thor's redemption arc is way undercooked and the whole movie suffers for it, but I still really enjoy it over all. The cast has such unbelievable chemistry, I'm perfectly happy watching Natalie Portman be exasperated by Kat Dennings or Chris Hemsworth chuckle at Stellen Skarsgård for over doing it in a bar.

I really like the Asgard stuff in this movie quite a bit, I know it seems to be criticized as being sort of chintzy but I don't agree with that at all. It feels like Jack Kirby art work to me.

Also, as far as I'm concerned Patrick Doyle's "Sons of Odin"* is one of the best superhero theme songs of all time. Right up there with Williams' Superman theme or Elfman's Batman. Like those songs it perfectly captures the character. The fact that it was dropped for the sequel is a huge bummer.


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