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  • Linkin Park - Live in Texas 2003

    Linkin Park - Live in Texas 2003


    From the knock, to the heavy, to the aggressive, to the emotional, to the vulnerability.....everything beautiful about this band!!

    Texas was always hot, but LP made it hotter!

  • Stop Making Sense

    Stop Making Sense


    If I were a diehard Talking Heads fan, I would be head over heels for this! I guess I'm at the very least intrigued to explore their discography after this!

    Still, what a remarkable concert! Such ordered chaos! Such quiet rioting! David Byrne is such an enigmatic, electrifying lighting bolt of charisma. You'll be tapping your feet or bobbing your head along, even if you don't know the songs or lyrics. This is made all the more impressive knowing that this is being helmed by the guy who would go on to direct The Silence of The Lambs!

    Shout out to the Tom Tom Club!

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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    I like to think of The Irishman as the anti-Scorsese mob epic! It's more Once Upon A Time In America than, say, Goodfellas or Casino. As great as Marty's crime dramas are, I feel like they are too rock n roll to NOT enjoy.

    Frank Sheeran isn't Henry Hill or Ace Rothstein or Frank Costello (another Irishman) or even Jordan Belfort; he never dabbles in money, addiction, glitz and glamour.....he was looking for a cause to belong to, after the…

  • Inception



    What to do when you're behind on at least 7 different work deadlines and an uncleared shelf of new movies to watch? Why, you rewatch a modern classic that has become cool to call "overrated"

    Something I had always felt but confirmed on rewatch....is how Inception doesn't look like a dated 2010 blockbuster. Seriously, pretend you never heard of it and pick any scene, try and guess what year the film was released - it could have come out last…