2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

The people who praise and worship this work of art don't need further convincing.

They already know it's a landmark in 20th Century filmmaking that not only changed science fiction but changed the way audiences view movies in general.

They know it's a celebration of and cautionary tale about the evolution of mankind; a glimpse into how a future of extreme convenience would make us clinical and complacent; a critique of the fallibility of artificial intelligence and how it could turn on its creators having surpassed us.

They know how this is a film interested in baby steps as symbolism - the pre-humans behave no different than babies in a nursery; a flight attendant barely able to walk in zero gravity; Dave showing his scrappy drawing to HAL 9000 who would later sing a lullaby to Dave; the literal star child at the end.....Kubrick subtly draws attention to all this infantile allusions, as if to say our species is still operating on the same brain growth despite creating advanced technology.

To those who call this masterpiece a cold, slow, boring, pretentious, overrated drivel, I say: without 2001, we don't get the inspiration for David Bowie's magnificent Space Oddity - your favourite song's favourite song!

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