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This review may contain spoilers.

Holy hell, what a movie. Vile and grotesque, lovely and humane. Tina is extremely capable at her job and in her life, but because of her appearance, she has learned to be meek, to speak softly, tread lightly, and hide her emotions for fear of upsetting others. This has endeared her to the ones who know her, but you get the sense that it was the only way for her to have gotten any acceptance. Enter Vore, just like Tina but proudly himself. He makes people uncomfortable but he relishes their discomfort. When Tina, frightened of what will be the best (and, I think, only) sex of her life tells Vore of a chromosomal flaw which has given her deformed genitalia, Vore tells her, "There's no flaw in you." What a thing to hear. Wild joy awakens in Tina as, through Vore, she learns who she is. Also, hatred, anger, resentment, perhaps an idea of revenge. But Tina never goes very far down the second road, as justified a road it is. Tina is still Tina, and Tina doesn't want to hurt anyone.

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