• The Legend of Lylah Clare

    The Legend of Lylah Clare


    Undeniably dumb, tawdry, and grotesquely overwritten, but weirdly insightful and affecting in its own tactless way. Equally engaging in its flashes of meaningfulness as it is when it's glorious camp trash, until the last 15 minutes put late-'60s Hollywood camp through a funhouse mirror and wind up with something surprisingly effective and nightmarish. The climax is genuinely hair-raising stuff, and the scenes that follow are haunting in the way they contrast the trauma of the previous events and the pain…

  • Pride



    Definitely safe and sanitized enough to not offend your parents but it's sweet and cute and unlike most gay movies that are safe and sanitized enough to not offend your parents it bothers to firmly ground queerness as the political identity it is rather than being totally Assimilationist Vibes Only. It's a nice little cheese sandwich of a movie!

    (Also points for shitting on Margaret Thatcher, all my homies hate Margaret Thatcher)

    (Also also shout out to that incredibly hunky rubber-clad bear bartender who's on-screen for like 3 seconds)

  • Sweet Charity

    Sweet Charity


    Fuck Oscar fr

  • Babette's Feast

    Babette's Feast


    "Ah, how you will enchant the angels!"

  • Hot and Tasty

    Hot and Tasty


    Impeccable tbh

  • Blonde


    Idk man I just think maybe people should have more to go off of than Vibes, 2 trailers, and the knowledge that a movie depicts a horrible thing before deciding it's bad

  • Castle in the Sky

    Castle in the Sky


    Literally perfect.

  • Victor/Victoria



    A movie I really do like quite a bit, but one that frustrates me a lot bc it has the potential to be a movie I love...until it makes just enough bad creative decisions that are just exactly the type to really get under my skin and annoy and frustrate me

  • Singin' in the Rain

    Singin' in the Rain


    Iconic and universally beloved film is great, story at 8

  • Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

    Cinderella III: A Twist in Time


    The snarky meta humor feels a bit tiresome these days now that snarky meta humor is in literally everything whether it needs to be or not but it's fun nonetheless. And I definitely find the wit to land more often than the extremely broad slapstick. This ends up being leagues more entertaining than, like, every single other one of these DTV Disney sequels by nature of having *any* degree of ambition and cleverness at all. Also, it was nice to…

  • Moonstruck



    Can't believe I ever rated this less than 5 stars

  • My Neighbors the Yamadas

    My Neighbors the Yamadas


    Underrated as hell